Superstitious Jay Jay

V. Armani from Audreys Paradis

CH Ypaparazzi from Audres Paradis

Uptothetop from Audres Paradis

CH Wenrick`s Canadian Glori



Karyon Shez Black Lace

CH Karyon Shanel Western Wonder

Karyon Shez Lovey`s Girl

Donnainrosso di Casa Corsini

CH Rojack Trade off Ming Dynasty



Colombina di Casa Corsini



CH. Tblakysexy from Audreys Paradis

E`Lio Tchang Shan-Abbas

CH Bruce Shantung von Paenbruch

Danny of Anibe

Charing Cross Brown Betty

Ai Tai Wan Shah-Abbas

Silver Ly Ning at Sistasu

Un`nuy Noire Shah Abbas

Karyon Shez Black Lace

CH Karyon Shanel Western Wonder

CH. Gunning`s It`s A Wonder

Wingate`s Karyon Pollyanna

Karyon Shez Lovey`s Girl

Karyon Wonder of Munchkintown

Karyon Shez Love Story

M.Superstitious Winona

winona_ovaal.jpg (52807 Byte)

CH., INT.CH.;Wafers Jazz Fest

Tojo Midnight Max

Max e: BIS;AM CH.;Int CH.;

Braz GR.CH +CH.;Argent.CH.; Panam.Amer CH.;Latin.Amer.CH +

CH. Mei San Jumping Jack Flash


Mei San Dis Sum Wum

Mei San Coffee Beam

CH. Ming Mei Miss Murphy

BIS, BISS AM, CAN.CH    ROM CH Show Off`s Ive Got Rhythm

CH Peking`s Made to Order Wenshu

CH .Ming Dynasty Jazz Dancer

CH. Ming Dynasty Dragon Slayer

Ming Dynasty Red Dragon

Rojacky Mingdynasty QT Edition

 CH.Ming Dynasty`s Dare to Dance

CH Ming Dynasty 

Shooting Star ROM

CH Ming Dynasty

Dare Devil

Deeptwist from Audreys Paradis

Miramar`s Raise the Roof

CH. Shansi Dakota Bei Jing

CH AM Wenrick`s

Chassen Rainbow

CH AM Shansi Speciale Issue


CH Miramar`s Diamonds N-Rust

Karyon Color Me Red

CH AM Miramar`s 

Constant Craving

Cplaygirl from Audreys Paradis

Avantgarde from Audreys Paradis



Yicestorm from Audreys paradis

Icestorm.jpg (1961 Byte)